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How We Got Started

Sisters Squatch™ was the idea of two sisters, Denise and Melissa, who noticed that women were not always as encouraged in the Sasquatch Study Field and were therefore less forthcoming than their male counterparts in sharing their encounters and experiences. They decided that women needed a place to find encouragement and support while also having fun learning and researching our beloved Sasquatch. Sharing camaraderie for all things Squatchy is one of their main goals.

In a world full of stress, it's wonderful knowing that Sisters Squatch is a group of intelligent, caring and talented ladies all whom love Bigfoot. We invite you to join Sisters Squatch's private facebook group. If you have any questions, please contact us at at our Facebook page or group. Remember, we are "Keeping the SAS in SASquatch™.

About Denise
   An avid outdoors woman, Denise has been studying the creatures of the woods since the tender age of three.  From learning to track, provision hunt, foraging, to enjoying the beauty of nature and all she provides, Denise maintains a healthy respect for the earth and all its creatures.  Having experienced two sightings, she has been quietly studying and researching Sasquatch for over 30 years. 

About Melissa
   Melissa is also an outdoors woman and enjoys all life and nature.  From the young age of three, she began learning about tracks and tracking from her Daddy. She was his shadow as he hunted, farmed and logged the woods and at night he would teach Melissa and her sisters how to read maps of all types. Under his guidance, she learned how to fish, hunt, process animals for the freezer and  learned arts, cooking and creativity from her Mom. Her love for all things Squatchy started on Thanksgiving 1974 while she watched, along with her family, the Patterson-Gimlin film featuring "Patty". In 2015, she had the remarkable experience to not only meet Bob Gimlin,  she also gave him a neck and upper shoulder massage while enjoying listening to speakers at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference. :)  Melissa has traveled across the United States as well as Canada in her search for Bigfoot. One of her biggest highlights came from an outing in  April 2015 to the Canadian Rockies with her daughter, Sylv and finding 20 inch tracks with a 10"1' stride.

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